Our mission is to promote good acoustic conditions not only in rooms such as recording studios or cinema halls, but also in the everyday working environment. In our cooperation with many architects and investors, we provide support for their projects and issues related to acoustics. All this is done with the aim to ensure the highest possible comfort and functionality of a given converted space.


Our acoustic panels are always manufactured with a given premises in mind. Our philosophy is based on the belief that every project should be approached from an individual perspective. Each stage is equally important to us – right from the general concept all the way through to the planning of the tiniest of details. Whether it be the architects or acousticians, the production or the editing staff, everyone in our team plays an important role and is valued for their contribution.


Nyquista Acoustic Design was founded in 2011 by Jerzy Herse – a young interior acoustics designer and his friend Jakub Grzesiuk – a production engineer. The name of the company derives from the surname of the Swedish scientist Harry Nyquist, who in the nineteenth century developed the basis for the modern sound sampling theory. In the same way the inventor defines the perfect sine wave frequency, our goal is to strive for perfection from the very beginning. The main idea behind the creation of Nyquista Acoustic Design was to combine acoustics with modern design and the highest quality of products.


Nyquista Acoustic Design is a team of employees and a group of over 200 top specialists in the field of production and design. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and unlimited range of production possibilities, we can bring even the most complex of acoustic projects to fruition.