Acoustic audit

Verify your project in terms of acoustics. 

Acoustic audit

If you choose to conduct an acoustical audit in the early stages of design, you can significantly reduce the cost of achieving the desired acoustical effect. Knowing the acoustic conditions of the space and its surroundings will help you make the best use of materials and locations.

Common questions:

An acoustic audit is a type of consultation, a work with an expert in the field of acoustics. The audit should be done at the beginning of the design work. It is an element that verifies compliance with the construction law and the acoustic standards in force in Poland. The results of the audit can also be used to refine the design of the facility in terms of acoustic comfort.

During the audit, the following elements are checked:

  • The location of the facility in the context of potential sources of environmental noise
  • Acoustic parameters of materials from which internal and external walls and ceilings are made
  • Acoustic values ​​such as reverberation time, insulation, speech intelligibility
  • Distribution of rooms and their functions, including the machinery and equipment Used
  • Cable routes and electrical installations
  • Ventilation systems
  • Doors , glazing and potential leaks

An acoustical audit is usually performed before construction and design work begins. The audit of finished facilities is usually aimed at identifying the locations where the acoustical audit is most often performed to determine the level of acoustical comfort in or around the facility being tested.

One of the final elements of an audit is a report. It consists of a drawing and a descriptive part.

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